7th International Mutant p53 Workshop 2016

We have the privilege to host the “7th International Mutant p53 Workshop” in the new Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre in Melbourne from 26th – 28th October 2016.

The crucial protective role of the tumour suppressor p53 against cancer has propelled it to the heart of cancer biology for over 3 decades. Mutations in p53 are the most common genetic events in human cancer, spanning all tumour streams and reaching an almost 100% incidence in certain cancers. Mutant p53 is a key protein for ongoing basic and translational cancer research.

This unique forum will bring together world leading clinicians and researchers in the p53 field to discuss major advancements and challenges. Confirmed international and national speakers are: Sir Prof. David Lane and Prof Arnold Levine (the two discoverers of the tumour suppressor protein p53), and Prof's Guillermina (Gigi) Lozano, Laura Attardi, David Malkin, Gerry Melino, Klas Wiman, Michael Resnick, Giovanni Blandino, Curtis Harris, Kanaga Sabapathy, Galina Salivanova, Hua Lu, Xinbin Chen, Magali Olivier, Gareth Bond, Jean-Christophe Bourdon, Sarah-Jane Dawson, Giannino Del Sal, Pierre Hainaut, Chris Hovens, Tomoo Iwakuma, Luis Martinez, Grant McArthur, David Meek, Maurine Murphy, Wayne Philips, David Thomas, Antony Braithwaite, Ygal Haupt and Gerard Zambetti. In addition, a number of excellent abstracts will be presented as short talks. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Melbourne.

Professor Ygal Haupt
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Australia
Workshop Convenor

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